Now is a time of great evolution!

You are being asked to step into your greatness...

It’s Time...

Time for you to shine bright.
Time for you to live your greatness.
Time for you to be who you were put here to be.
To live for your Soul.
To live from your sparkle.
To live your glorious and exquisite life.
(It is actually to live in and from love!)

No matter what is going on in the world, how things appear, or how your story reads, you have an opportunity at this moment to live aligned, conscious, enlightened, joyous, and limitless. You can live an extraordinary life! You can live a Life Made Easy...You can live with, from and in Love!

Bonus: When you do change EVERYTHING FOR THE BETTER!


Let Me Introduce Myself

I have spent the past 39 years as the Creation Catalyst™ to an epic number of people, utilizing the power of Love to actualize their desires; whether it be enlightenment, marriage, millions, healing, purpose, empowerment, or more. The list has been limitless.

From The New York Times to China Today, from LA Talk Radio to Hay House Radio, Bravo, 1000’s of guest spots and so much more this Italian American, Scorpio, New Yorker has been a Metaphysical Creation Catalyst™ for over 39 years. With more than 89,000 client hours and multi-million listeners in more than 97 countries, my Los Angeles based company Knowledgeable Soul LLC is committed to evolving a spiritually centered existence.

Through my writing, teaching, and speaking, I educate, align and enlighten creating a conscious awareness of Universal dynamics and their modern practical applications.

"Erika, real-deal, bottom line.
You want it, she will help you get it."

—Justine, NYC

Everything I do is all about the power of Love and you. Who you are and what is true for you for your essence.

What you receive from my work is a very personal, unique, and transformative experience. You receive what you are meant to becoming the most authentic, fabulous version of you. We are all on this trip together, and there is a rather spectacular thing that happens when one of us moves into a thriving state of living, we are all uplifted.

What would I say I do? What is my intention? What would my clients say I do? I said it best when I was four years old. My nursery school - teacher went around the room asking everyone what they wanted to be when they grow up.

Some wanted to be Batman, others a Queen, another the richest man in the world, me? ...I wanted to save the world when I grew up.

I am blessed to say I believe I do, one person at a time. How do I do this? I utilize the energy of the power of Love. It works. Always has, always will.

However you receive what I have to offer, I am honored to be of service.


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